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Customer Value Addition

We commit to make a difference by V Serve Customer centric offerings.

The 3C – Capacity, Capability and Commitment are the energy of
Vashi Integrated Solutions that guides us to Excellence Every Time.

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We Ensure there are Adequate Resources to Bridge the gap between Principals Offerings and Customers expectations.

1,00,000+ Customer Served To Date
1,00,000+ Product Stock Keeping Units Capacity
19,000+ Pin Codes Cover PAN India Level
INR.1,500+ Crore Turnover
1,000+ Team Members
10,00,000+ Sq.Ft. Warehouse
55+ PAN India Industrial Clusters
Top 25+ World-Class Brands
300+ Experience Sales Engineer
22+ Fulfillment Centers
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Segment wise focus with customer-centric solutions

Powering Diverse Industry Segments With Our Capabilities

Innovative Solutions for Changing Business Demand

We fulfill customer requirements with certified products, competitive prices,
prompt delivery for a delightful and happy experience

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V-Serve Customer Support

V-Serve is an expression of our unwavering commitment to delivering an elevated customer experience, every time. Our commitment aims to emphasise and imbibe a customer-centric approach at every step by addressing all the customer touchpoints efficiently.
Our customers have always been our first priority and we are committed to deliver the best in terms of response and service with the most advanced system & solutions. Our TAT (turnaround time) is unmatched in B2B supply industry.
With V-Serve, a uniquely designed customer-centric platform, the company has set standards for delightful satisfactory customer experience that each employee at Vashi Integrated Solutions is engaged to achieve excellence. We strive to have on-time delivery & 100% fulfillment for all our orders

Committed Timely Response @ each Touch Point

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