It all began in 1978 with 2 Dodeja brothers Madan and Mohan’s passion to serve electrical trade by embarking on a journey of building a leading enterprise in Industrial and Commercial Supplies.

It was a dream driven by vision for crafting delight for customers, partners and employees.

In 43 years, Vashi Electricals has brought many Glorious Firsts:

From being the first to shift from marketplace to industrial clusters for better service,

To being the first to build team, system and delegated process in industrial supplies for sustainable customer service and supply chain management,

To being the first to build fulfilment centres across different states in India,

To being the first to serve customer needs under one roof by partnering with the world class brands.

What If? We asked ourselves these two words that have changed the course of our customer expectations.

What if 43 years old legacy reimagined itself?
What if we set new standard of service?
What if we could rearrange ourselves to become greater than what we have ever been?
What if the symbol of our service took centre stage and wrote our journey for next 50 years with a philosophy fuelled by vision, authenticity and passion?


This astute and strategic step is undertaken to encompass our current business portfolio as well as our constantly expanding capabilities.
From a product and brand centric organisation, we are evolving into customer centricity; where we partner with our customers to provide integrated strategic sourcing solutions in the electrical, power transmission, solar, lighting, energy optimization, MRO and automation sector.
Concurrently, we have invested in upskilling our talent pool to align with the new generation customer expectations.
We have also invested in digital technologies to ensure seamless, delightful and satisfactory customer experience.
More so, to stimulate sustainable growth and enhance our commitment to deliver highest level of client gratification, we have imbibed ‘VServe’ focus in our business philosophy.
This ensures a customer-oriented culture at all levels of the organization to understand customer needs and to act on them swiftly.
While we have changed our looks and perspective, what we have not changed and will never change are our core values of care and gratitude.
We are extremely proud to be a one-stop integrated source committed to meet your needs as per your deadlines.
We take this opportunity to thank every stakeholder who has partnered with us in this enriching journey of growth since 1978.
With Warm Regards,
Team Vashi Integrated Solutions Ltd.
Madan Dodeja, CEO