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Siemens Switchgears
Legrand-Switchgears and Wiring Devices
Finolex Wires and Cables
Unistar Wires and Cables
Philips Lighting
Bajaj Lighting
Elmeasure- Digital Panel Meters
SKF - Bearings
Jinko Imported Panels
RenewSys- Indian Panels
SMA- String Inverters
GoodWe- String Inverters

Before we talk about the products you need, we want to talk about your business. How’s it going? What are your challenges? How can your approach to energy help you meet business objectives? Why? Because when we know what you’re trying to do we can usually find ways to help you do it better..

Contractor Solutions
  • Vashi Integrated Solutions helps contractors turn pain into profit. From the job site to the front office, our capabilities in advanced supply chain management, technical services and digital services make it easier to run your business.
  • The typical Contractor spends as much as 40% of the time managing materials. Your electricians should be focused instead on building and installing electrical systems.
  • By working with Vashi, contractors gain access to knowledgeable and experienced advisors who provide support throughout the job planning, quoting and delivery process.
  • Our advanced supply chain services get materials to the point of installation quickly and painlessly, increasing jobsite productivity.
  • Together with our online procurement system that streamlines buying with less paperwork, we keep your business efficient, productive and competitive.

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Featured Solutions

Pre-Job Planning

Increasing profit and avoiding costly mistakes starts at the very beginning of a project. VASHI works with contractors to gain a thorough understanding of project needs and then identifies areas where you can gain efficiencies and increase productivity. From confirming the bill of material is just right to making sure the daily flow of material is moving as it should, VASHI seamlessly supports contractors to get the job done on time and on budget. We even suggest creative options to win jobs and build solutions that address issues contractors will face on the job.

Reliable Material Management

We get materials to the point of installation exactly when and where they are needed and make it easy to manage them on the jobsite. We offer just-in-time delivery, staging and kitting, customized wire management and everything from inventory management

Consultative and Digital Services
  • eCommerce – real time access to your order history and inventory with the ability to check local product availability 24/7, compare products side-by-side and place orders on will.
  • Comprehensive energy analysis, design and engineering solutions, quote and rebate assistance
  • Engineering Services – pre and post-sale technical support from experienced engineers for everyday industrial needs and product procurement.
  • Training – safety, product and application training

Take a look at a selection of some of emblematic projects we’ve worked on, over the past few years.

Big data AWS DATA CENTER 2021: The project included the largest on-premise data center in India , complete with complex row-cooling solutions. Supplied over 1.5 million meters of cable, 30,000 data outlets, 300 floor-standing data cabinets, 150 wall mounted cabinets and 24 in row cooling units for the data center. They engaged VASHI , which supplied flawless logistics and products from Wires& Cables & Electrical Equipment.

Rajiv Gandhi International Airport- Hyderabad

Year 2020

Constructed to a rigorous budget and timeline, the hospital required a contractor that could deliver the utmost levels of reliability. They engaged VASHI , which supplied flawless logistics and products from Wires & Cables, Electrical Equipment, Lighting.

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