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Business Disruption Challenges

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Business Process to Bridge Generation Gap


Joining hands with Vashi is best thing to happened to us when we were looking at expanding our business outside Jharkhand & were working on a business model for electrical trade, that is organized & scalable. With Vashi, we found an established & proven business model that needed to be replicated with a few improvisations to suit the nature of business, instead of having to reinvent the wheel.

Vashi – The Baahubali of Electrical Industry, with 40 years of experience is a Jugal Bandi of Traditional thoughts and modern processes. This JV has enhanced us in all dimensions. Vashi as a company a strong belief systems that everyone should prosper and grow alongside them. This JV has enlightened and enriched our team and is proving to be a guide for growth.

In the 3 years of association we have had with Vashi, we have realized the benefits of organized industrial distribution.
Our business has become more sustainable as we have consciously moved away from being an owner driven company to being a process driven organization.